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Published on Jul 26, 2016

SEO Fundamentals Series Continue your RapidWeaver learning by watching all the videos in this series!


I have seen three of the SEO videos thus far. Based on what I have seen, these SEO videos need to speak to both what applies for Rapidweaver 6 and what applies with Rapidweaver 7. We are and will be in a transition from RW 6 to RW 7 for some time due to stack, plug-in and theme compatibility issues. I just got into use of Rapidweaver earlier this year and started with Version 6. I am not ready to upgrade to Version 7 yet.

It appears many of your screencasts, demonstrations and comments assumes the video audience is on Version 7. I believe Version 6 handles robots.txt and sitemaps in a different manner than Version 7, but the video does not explain the differences. A good explanation of these differences could help sell upgrades to Version 7. I am sure these videos will land up causing me some confusion if they continue to show Version 7 features that are not in Version 6.4 without adequate explanation of what are Version 7 only SEO features.

Let's take Health check for example. I don't think that is in Version 6. What options do I have to get this type of SEO insight and assistance in version 6? I recently purchased the SEO-RX stack to help me out with SEO issues. I am sure there are differences between the health check approach and SEO-RXs approach, but I bet you don't cover this in your videos. Do you even cover any other RW SEO software in these videos? I welcome these videos, but I wish they spent more time addressing both the RW 6 and RW 7 audiences. I think it is premature to ignore RW 6 users in your newer videos. You lessen the value of the videos to your RW 6 customers if you ignore this audience by presenting the material from a RW 7 only perspective.

Greg Henschen

Written by greghenschen 7 months ago

Thanks for the feedback Greg :)

Most of the things covered in this series can be applied to both RW6 and 7 — however there are a couple of things (such as Health Check) that aren't available in RW6.

There's just not enough time cover all the differences between 6 and 7. Experience (and data) tells me that people don't watch really long videos — so adding the complexity of explaining these differences would have ruined them for most users.

Written by bencounsell 7 months ago

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