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Published on Feb 24, 2015

Responsive Sites With Foundation Series Continue your RapidWeaver learning by watching all the videos in this series!


As a new user to this software, I need to be able to watch the 'Get Started' videos more than once but I hal pointed out that I have noticed that I can only kwatch easch video just once and then it is marked as finished. Why can't someone reply to my post?

Written by ronniewestdigital 10 months ago


Just because it is marked as completed does not mean you cannot re-watch it as many times as you like. That is just an indicator for you to check for unwatched video's ;) If all else fails, click the completed box so it is no longer completed and watch again. Page refresh may or may not be required. Perhaps it is the browser you are using? Which one? Should you wish to discuss further, a forum post would be best instead of this review area.


Written by Turtle 10 months ago

How do I access the free tutorials?

Written by Lorrinda 1 year ago

We had a small bug which stopped some users being able to watch the free videos. This is now fixed, so you (and everyone else) can now watch them. Enjoy :)

Written by bencounsell 1 year ago

No they don't! I just signed up for a monthy sub and also joined the community but, The videos will not start. I notice that there is a check mark in the 'Complete' box. What does that mean?? Ron West.

Written by ronniewestdigital 10 months ago

(FREE) An excellent series to get started with RapidWeaver 6.x part 1 of 10.

Written by Turtle 1 year ago

Video and what's being said do not line up or even come close. It's impossible to follow this video.

Written by Dinnerandamurder 1 year ago

I've just watched the video and everything is lining up nicely here, perhaps give the page a refresh and hopefully things will line up for you :)

Written by bencounsell 1 year ago

Can't play video??

Written by danvance 1 year ago

We had a slight issue this end, everything should be working now. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Written by Dan Counsell 1 year ago

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