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Version 1.5 released 1 year ago


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Yuzoolthemes is a RapidWeaver Addons Developer with 69 addons.

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Theme from Yuzoolthemes

Version 1.5 released 1 year ago


Blog it back. A responsive and minimal writing theme for RapidWeaver.

I have a pen in my pocket, does it make me a writer? Refined, fluid and designed to be read, Write brings attention to your copy and gets you blogging in RapidWeaver again.

Designed with the Blogger in Mind

Blog, write, compose and let the built-in styles and carefully selected fonts lift your copy. Easy to create pages in RapidWeaver, Write is a pleasure to work with and also an enjoyable reading experience for the user. You just need something to say.

Those who Stack are Invited too

Don’t let the front page Blog demo fool you. Write is compatible with a plethora of your favourite Stacks and has two extra content areas for you to play with. Create corporate pages, contact forms and portfolios too. Write is ready for your imagination.

Easy on the Reader

The end reader is important in this RapidWeaver theme. As you scroll down the menu disappears to focus your eyes on the content. The Google Fonts are the perfect reading width, line height and font size to be comfortable on the eye and the design is minimal. Let your words and images do all the talking.

Responsive Design

Write was built with mobile phones and tablets in mind from the beginning. The menu and text scales perfectly to fit the screen and eye and no images were used in the design process. This keeps Write lean, mean and ready to go on HiDPI retina displays.

No Coding Needed

I’ve left a bag of snippets and coding at the door for this one. Just type away in the RapidWeaver Blog page or drop in your Stacks and publish. Write is quick and simple to launch and can be used as a blog theme in its own right or in any current webpage you have.

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