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Theme from Yuzoolthemes

Version 1.3 released 1 year ago


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Yuzoolthemes is a RapidWeaver Addons Developer with 69 addons.

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Theme from Yuzoolthemes

Version 1.3 released 1 year ago


A RapidWeaver flat UI theme for apps and marketing sites.

Flat, clean and responsive, Sidebar is perfect for those admin and app projects or any usual portfolio RapidWeaver brochure site. With its fixed navigation of icon fonts and scrolling central content, Sidebar gives you a tidy canvas to deploy your Stacks.

Modern style

Contemporary modern and rockin’. Sidebar gives you an instant modern look to your RapidWeaver site project – whether it’s an app or a website. Let your content shine with this minimal theme frame and none distracting menus. Neat and tidy.

Responsive and fixed

Built for tablets, mobiles and desktops, Sidebar fits nicely on different viewports. The navigation menu, sidebar and header title bar are fixed, which gives a smooth scrolling content effect in the middle of the site. Direct those eyeballs.

Easy to customise

Four extra content areas give you enough space for cool customisations and colour play. Change Google Fonts, add your logo or Avatar and customise the logo mask, change the Icon Font of the menu items and the colours of call to action buttons. Customise away and get the look you need.


Fat-free double semi-skimmed code makes Sidebar load fast and focuses the eyeballs on your content first. No images were used in the making of this theme and little javascript, so it’s as light as possible. The standard blog, photo album, contact form, file sharing page styles are all included as usual too for those brochure sites. Get weaving!

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Community Reviews

Swan from ugly duckling... a review rewrite!

Written by Turtle 1 year ago

My re-review of this Theme is once you get it, it becomes a very powerful flat style Theme project file that plays well with not only built in page types but also stacks pages. It's all in how you define your site wide Theme Style and change it on the per page basis theme style, turning on/off EC areas, Hiding/unhiding sidebar, defining as a blog page or not, and hide/show titlebar... my brain must've been on holiday that day... Thank you Michael for schooling me ;)

My issues, as stated in my original review, turned out to be user error (my fault), Michael sent me an image of where the EC areas were located and gave hints as to what the issues with having to add double breaks to see content was.

Developer Reply

Written by Michael Frankland from Yuzoolthemes, the owner of Sidebar, 1 year ago

Brad, thanks for your patience!! We are all learning + students here Appreciate your feedback and chance to help you.. :)

You'll be surprised how many times people don't even give you a chance!

Glad you like it and can't wait to see what you make with it! Rock on

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