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Theme from Elixir

Version 1.1.3 released 1 year ago


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Elixir is a Premium RapidWeaver Addons Developer with 41 addons.

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Theme from Elixir

Version 1.1.3 released 1 year ago



The Navigator theme is designed to allow you a great deal of flexibility in designing sites for both yourself and your clients. It's built around a beautiful navigation system and a responsive foundation, allowing you to focus on the most important part -- your content.

This theme was designed with reusability in mind. Its minimalist, yet stylish layout along with its professional animations and extensive ExtraContent areas allow you to build site after site without them all looking the same.


Creating blogs, portfolios, small business sites and more are a breeze with the Navigator theme and its many theme variations and features. Here’s a quick look as some of its most notable features:

  • Responsive foundation
  • 7 different ExtraContent areas
  • Beautiful, fluid navigation animations
  • Over 45 different color pickers
  • Customizable banners
  • Responsive Lightbox for Photo Albums
  • Social media badges
  • Our Blog Entry Topper
  • Comes with a folder of 10 extra banner images
  • And so much more...
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Community Reviews

Build for Simplicity

Written by iKeithW 1 year ago

This theme provides tools for creating very clean, eye catching websites. The tools to break up content combined with a novel approach to site navigation make this theme a must. On its surface it seems basic, but the theme provides Rapid Weavers a level of control without added complexity.

Beauty in Person

Written by Macolatius 1 year ago

You have to love this theme - really! It is so amazing! It ist packed full of modern tricks:

  • a lot of extra contents (also with the possibility to integrate a slider into an extra content)
  • many effects for the unic Menu
  • more than responsive
  • compatible with tons of stacks out there
  • although it is programmed as one page for the menu effect you have one button to get on top of the page without scrolling
  • and many more... I love it! More than recommendable!

Absolutely amazing modern theme - Adam did it again!

Written by Justin Michael 1 year ago

This theme is what makes rapidweaver so amazing...

  • awesome menu
  • lots of extra content area
  • ability to add third party stacks in header
  • ability to add pictures (third party stack) and color background in extra content areas
  • tons of other features

These are the features that makes me want to buy rapidweaver third party themes. I love it!!! Keep it up!!!

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