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Version 1.7.4 released 1 week ago


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Multithemes is a RapidWeaver Addons Developer with 27 addons.

MiniMax icon


Theme from Multithemes

Version 1.7.4 released 1 week ago


Responsive design

MiniMax present a new concept of responsive behavior called Edge to Edge. This theme is permanently responsive (bidirectional) ; from 185px to 1850px. The middle layout is 960px + dinamic text size ( optionally).

MiniMax is ready also for large screens like iMac and televisions. We provide a new original theme to an entirely new level with an unprecedented level of style and flexibility (185-1850px). Breathe life into your site with this new layout and theme styles!

Full support for retina display

MiniMax contains a different graphic version for each device. Dedicated codes for Apple devices, Nexus, Galaxy and generic Android devices with retina display.

Font customization

MiniMax comes with several WebFonts you can choose from with the click of a button. Thanks to the “Plus Code” you can animate any text ( no stacks required) .

Images customization and "Banner Image"

MiniMax theme allow you to customize the look of your project with several images for the header and extracontent area. You can use also your own background with the "banner image" option in RW7

Animation kit

No stack plugin required. You can apply the animation in all pages. Thanks to the "Plus code" of the Awesome font you can animate icons, text and images! All examples in the demo project.

Demo Project

Available with the theme .

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