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Theme from Henk Vrieselaar

Version 1.2.4 released 11 months ago


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Henk Vrieselaar

Henk Vrieselaar is a RapidWeaver Addons Developer with 26 addons.

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Theme from Henk Vrieselaar

Version 1.2.4 released 11 months ago


This responsive FOTON theme has built-in an option full-size background slideshow or image and thus FOTON is very suitable for photographers to showcase their portfolio. Use the free Foton stack or Foton snippets for this (included in the download file).

By default the content is closed so your visitors are not distracted from your photos by text or whatever. Open the content by clicking on the toggle icon. There is an option to show the content immediately after opening a page (example). With the Hide n Show stack* you can even add a delay to the opening (see manual). With FOTON you'll be able to create sites that look great on both your visitors' desktop computers and their mobile devices.

This Rapidweaver theme has a huge amount of theme variations, widths, color options, menu and header positions, beautiful fonts, font-sizes, etc.

Update 10 April 2015: I've added two new options for a Logo position with Title.

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Community Reviews

Great theme!

Written by digitalDesign NB 1 year ago

Easy to use and a lot of options. Made a photography site with this theme .

Another excellent theme by Henk

Written by Garymac 2 years ago

Lots of options, a comprehensive manual and first class customer service.

The Best Theme For Photo & Video Guys

Written by heikokantar 2 years ago

Foton is one of the best themes i ever used. The clear design gives you a lot of space for your own ideas. For me as a Videographer & Photographer it gives me enough space for visual impact ! The Author Henk Vrieslaar is one of the top designers for people like me ! Including very fast support if you´re in trouble ! Thumbs Up !

Amazing program.

Written by robkempers 2 years ago

It is a great program with unlimited possibilities. I am now 4 weeks to the work to create a new website and each time I discover something new, honesty with help from Henk.

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