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Version 1.7 released 1 year ago


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Yuzoolthemes is a RapidWeaver Addons Developer with 69 addons.

Documentation icon


Theme from Yuzoolthemes

Version 1.7 released 1 year ago


A light and fluid canvas for your documentation.

Scrolling body content sits alongside a fixed sidebar menu in this responsive RapidWeaver theme. Clean, flexible and focused, this theme is the ideal canvas for your app notes, team docs or business processes.

Writing elements plugged in

Text highlighter, automatic numbered headers, code prettifiers, google fonts.. it’s all in there. Just type and drag in your images to a Stacks page. The theme takes care of the rest.

Print Friendly

It happens. Sometimes people want to export to PDF to read in iBooks or even print to paper(!). Documentation takes out the bits they don’t need and creates a readable and clear document they can take away with them.

Sharing is caring

Social sharing buttons automatically appear in the sidebar. Hover and click these to bring up options to share via Twitter, FaceBook or Email. Good to spread the word.

Fully responsive

Slick and responsive on iPhones, iPads, Desktops and all those other iDevices around. Just build your site once and you’re up and away. If they have a signal, they can read your docs the way they are meant to be read.


The backgrounds are Retina-ready, the Font Awesome and Google Fonts crisp and defined and there’s plenty of colour to play with. A HiDPI retina-ready experience awaits you.

Easier than ever

Just drag in your content using Stacks whether it’s text, images or video. No more snippets or messing around. Just type and publish to the world.

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