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Version 1.1 released 1 year ago


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RWtuts is a RapidWeaver Addons Developer with 41 addons.

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Stack from RWtuts

Version 1.1 released 1 year ago



The TumblrPic Stack allows you to embed up to 10 images from a Tumblr blog of your choice. The Stack analyses all recent posts and automatically fetches the newest 10 pictures - it actually works like a small RSS feed. These images are then being posted in this nifty widget and automatically include a link to the specific post on Tumblr.


The Stack streams pictures directly from Tumblr instead of downloading them to your webhost first which would cost a lot of traffic and disk space usage. However, due to its simplicity it loads blazing fast (we didn’t make use of any Javascripts)


TumblrPic also supports GIFs - these animated pictures will show up in all major browsers.


Not only can you change the Tumblr blog that should be displayed at any time, but you can also change the image sizes. Available dimensions are: 75px, 100px, 200px,


The TumblrPic Stack is fully responsive and works with every smartphone and tablet!

TumblrPic works with every RapidWeaver theme. We also tested it with a fair amount of third party Stacks and themes.

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Community Reviews

Simple but very effective way to display Tumblr picture

Written by conger 1 year ago

Works really well and easy to setup. Perfect for using Tumblr as a source for images. Can show just 1 image or up to 10 of the most recent images. When using the NoLink option the image behaves like a normal image with no indication that it is being fed from a Tumblr site.

Very clever stack

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