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Version 1.0.2 released 2 years ago


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Yuzoolthemes is a RapidWeaver Addons Developer with 69 addons.

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Stack from Yuzoolthemes

Version 1.0.2 released 2 years ago


Build your email newsletter list or get registrations for any event.

Register is a quick and easy way to securely setup registration for events or grow your email marketing list. Without needing a database and secured with SHA512 hashing, Register gives you a powerful signup and notification system right in RapidWeaver.

Get registrations or build you email list

You organise events or parties and need to send people to a contact form to register? Or you want to get an emailed RSVP? Or you want to build your email marketing list and have a giveaway tool or free white paper to share in exchange for an email address? Register Stack can be used as a gateway to that content or through that process. You can share any content you like as the result destination.

Get notified

Someone registers and gets sent to a another page to view some content your promised them (your free stuff or a registration form made in the RapidWeaver contact form). Now you get emailed automatically when they view that page. You can then add them to your spreadsheet as “coming” or put their email address into your favourite email marketing app to send them an email later when you announce stuff. Bravo for building a list.

No database needed

No need to create a complicated database to use Register Stack. It happens all in the background with secure SHA512 hashing and salting. When a user “registers” they get sent an automatic email (which you can configure to any text or language) and a private hashed link. When they follow that link they are then “registered” and taken to your “thank you” result content and you are then notified. An automatic sign up process in the palm of your hands.

Easy to style and setup

Drop the Stack into your page and blend it to your style. You can set the text of the emails, buttons and thank you notes to any language or wording you like, and you can style the inputs, shadows, placeholder colours and choose from four awesome button styles. For the result “thank you” page, you can add any content or Stacks you like in the usual way and create a great registration process or funnel. Easy as pie really and minutes to setup.

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Community Reviews

Hassle free!

Written by Monica Palmer 2 years ago

For years I have been looking for a form this simple. I knew one day a genius would come up with one. Problem solved! Next!

Developer Reply

Written by Michael Frankland from Yuzoolthemes, the owner of Register, 2 years ago

Thanks so much for this kind review @Monica - good luck with the projects and keep in touch :)

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