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Version 1.4.0 released 1 year ago


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Stack-Its is a RapidWeaver Addons Developer with 16 addons.

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Stack from Stack-Its

Version 1.4.0 released 1 year ago


Star Ratings

We all have products and services that we would love to get feedback on and star ratings is a great way to do it.  Rate-It is a simple stack that allows your visitors to automatically rate anything.  No database setup required!  It allows visitors to dynamically rate by half-stars based on a five-star system with an optional vote count and the star rating is automatically updated.  Once a vote is cast, voting is prevented during the visit to help curtail spamming.  Editable rating tooltip hints are also provided for each star level.  Users are even provided with Vote/Duplicate Vote/Problem events alerts when they vote. You can even set star/text sizing & colors and there's more.  Rate-it is ready for Stacks 2.5+ and Stacks3+.

Rate-It is available today on our Shop page & be sure to check out the free demo to experience all the rating options available.

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Community Reviews

Instant feedback for viewers

Written by CrisBCT 8 months ago

Now the RW community has a stack for users to rate pages the same as Wordpress pages...

Simple and functional

Written by Martind 1 year ago

No complicated setup to use immediately. This stack is probably the only one of its kind for RapidWeaver.

Martin (CZ)

Instant visual feedback from viewers

Written by Turtle 1 year ago

I implemented this stack on our development page to get feedback from the members on how the site was doing. Works great, customizable somewhat, easy to use.

Brad Halstead

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