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Version 1.2.1 released 1 month ago


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InStacks Software

InStacks Software is a RapidWeaver Addons Developer with 12 addons.

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Poster Stack

Stack from inStacks Software

Version 1.2.1 released 1 month ago


Poster Stack - RW Blog Replacement and Multi-Purpose Content Stack

Poster Stack allows you to build unique Stacks plugin based RapidWeaver pages, based on content items or entries. This could be a replacement of the RapidWeaver blog plugin, FAQ pages, a shop with products, a photo gallery of galleries, ... Endless possibilities. Poster Stack reuses the inbuilt CSS classes of the RW Blog Plugin, so that it looks great inside standard themes. For Foundry and Foundation users, detailed style settings are available to adapt the look and feel to your overall design.


  • No CMS. No Database. No Setup. Just publish and enjoy life.
  • All Stack Plugin based. Easy to use but still powerful.
  • Browse with help of a pagination through the different items
  • Layout your items inside one or multiple columns
  • Spice up your images with an inbuilt lightbox, or use Gallery Stack integration
  • Automatically display videos responsive
  • Scroll-to-reveal animation of items
  • Disqus comment integration
  • Use categorisation and tags
  • Localise texts and date formats

Have a look at the demo and tutorial pages to get a better glimpse what is possible to build with Poster Stack.


  • RapidWeaver 7
  • Stacks 3
  • PHP

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Community Reviews

Poster Stack is Amazing!!

Written by DMillington 1 month ago

I have been looking for an easy, robust blog stack for many years. I tried CMS versions and wasted a lot of money on stacks that were very difficult to learn and master. Then I came upon the Poster Stack and all my prayers were answered. It's so incredibly easy to use and the published page is simply gorgeous! If you are looking for a blog stack, the Poster Stack will exceed your expectations!

A groundbreaking clever layout and blog stack

Written by webdeer 2 months ago

How have we all managed without a stack like this for so long? This is not just a RW Blog stack, but is also a layout stack that is so easy to use and there is nothing else like it. There are so many features that you ask yourself why has nobody else created anything like this.

As a layout stack, it scales beautifully allowing re-ording, adding or deleting of items making it perfect for products, services, etc., layout. It allows a single page design to remain small in length yet grow to accommodate a large portfolio all within a single page design.

As a Bog layout, it creates very elegant posts and has unique features such as being able to click next or previous, between posts (or products). It has an intelligent Lightbox and Gallery that could not be easier to setup. It is highly customisable and it is possible to match the styling of mainstream Social multicolumn displays that we are all familiar with. This is the best looking blog out there and if you are happy using RW to Publish your blog, this is a refreshing solution that is very easy to setup.

The perfect way to blog without all the trouble of CMS and Databases

Written by NickWB 2 months ago

My blog history is littered with problems, but this is certainly not one of them. InStacks stacks just works, out of the box, putting it up there with Joe Workman and other leading developers for quality and reliability.

Purchased and installed this afternoon, I was up and running within 30 minutes and had created 4 posts within an hour.

If you are familiar with Foundation, Foundry or RapidWeaver generally, this is straightforward to use. It is like adding content to a normal page, with many of the benefits of the wonderful Gallery 3 stack built in. I am now adding videos (YT or Vimeo), multi-image galleries and styled text (I use TypeKit) to a blog, without fuss and cannot quite believe it.

I gather from the InStacks page that more features are on the way, but at the introductory price of €29.95, this software represents incredible value and IMHO is a no-brainer for anyone with an interest in blogging, or even creating attractively styled content.

Plenty of helpful information on making it work here:

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