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Version 1.0.4 released 1 year ago


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Stack from Doobox

Version 1.0.4 released 1 year ago


Add YouTube or self hosted video as a background behind any stacks content.

Play allows you to create a video background directly behind your stacks content, using either a YouTube video or a self hosted video.

YouTube Videos

The stack makes it really easy to use any YouTube video as the background, by simply adding the video id, obtained from the videos url at the YouTube website. Self Hosted Video Self hosted videos may reside either in your Rapidweaver resources area, or already be present on your server. The stack gives you easy settings to link to your video files.

Fully Responsive

Play will remain fully responsive regardless of your video size.

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Community Reviews

Original solution

Written by Paul Bernard 8 months ago

A great solution to embed video in a creative way. Highly recommended!

Quite impressed!

Written by Taz 2 years ago

So far, it's worked exactly as expected. :)

Background for Video Page

Written by John Fernald 2 years ago

Used as the background for the website's video page. See it at

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