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Opening Hours

Stack from Doobox

Version 1.0.5 released 1 year ago


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Opening Hours icon

Opening Hours

Stack from Doobox

Version 1.0.5 released 1 year ago


Is your business actually open when a visitor from the other side of the world visits your website?

The stack knows where both you and your visitor are in the world, and offsets their current time to your location time, accounting for DST (daylight saving time), and displays what you'd like as the appropriate content, based on wether or not your business is actually open at that time. To take a phone call for example.

The stack is also able to work for businesses that open their doors more than once per day, or businesses who has opening hours span the midnight hour.

  • Independent inputs for your opening and closing hours for each day of the week.
  • Text macros that can be used in any text within the stack and are replaced with their respective time / date values.
  • You display what you like if your open, and what you like if your closed.
  • Holiday date overrides list.
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Community Reviews

very useful

Written by Albert Davis 9 months ago

Used in a couple of project without problems, very nice! A must to be added to your stacks gear.

Should I call or not?

Written by Turtle 1 year ago

When sites use this stack I now know if they are open, when they will open again or if they are closed for the holidays. No more early morning calls if you're operating a SOHO or private business. Advanced enough to be able to specify up to 2 different work hour groups per day, specify holidays and use macro's to tell you relevant information. A must to be added to your Stacks arsenal.

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