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Stack from JoeWorkman

Version 4.0.5 released 3 years ago


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JoeWorkman is a Premium RapidWeaver Addons Developer with 151 addons.

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Stack from JoeWorkman

Version 4.0.5 released 3 years ago


Jack will be that trusted utility that you will use all the time, over and over again. There are a lot of stacks out there that do general styles such as shadows, backgrounds, transparency, borders, etc. Jack is all of these and more built into one amazing stack. It also ships with 300+ background tile and border frame images. Jack will be your new best friend.

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Community Reviews

very useful

Written by today915 1 year ago

The more I use jack the more ways I find I can use jack. I probably use it to group and get backgrounds right mostly but it seems I go to it more and more for borders now... I think it's very useful and being that this RW stuff is still fairly new to me, once I grasp it more this will be even more handy. Was one at the sale where i said hmmm, maybe and decided to just get it since the price was was worth it.

Always on at the top of the toolbox.

Written by Buckholio 1 year ago

Never gets old, just keeps getting better. The more you get to know this stack, the more you realize it's limitless potential for making your sites awesome.

If you could only choose one stack, it should be Jack

Written by conger 2 years ago

This stack can do an enormous amount of useful things that you will not fully appreciate until you start to use it. It is actually 2 stacks - Jack and Jack hover. It is also quick to achieve complex things by putting a Jack inside another Jack. Combined with the Target stack, Jack it is very powerful.

Awesome stack

Written by Richard 2 years ago

Has so many uses it's hard to list them all, but I can't make a site without this stack now! Excellent for backgrounds, borders, grouping, shadows, making round boxes, you name it, it can do it!

Just buy Jack and let the fun begin!

Written by Jon Hawkins 2 years ago

There's a saying in the UK called "Jack of all trades, master of none."

Jack throws this out the window and becomes "Jack of all trades, master of pretty much everything".

Jack is probably my most used stack in my library. Backgrounds, shadows, borders, Opacity's, Flexible widths and heights, The list goes on and on....

It has so so much to offer and can change your site visually in so many ways.

The more I use this stack the more uses I find for it.

A must have stack!

Jack of all trades

Written by Steve @ Truedesign 2 years ago

One of my most used stacks - so many image options, something for everyone!

Transparency, borders, hover effects, circles, tons of built-in images, etc, etc... A great way to achieve that scrolling image in the background of your site effect that's so popular... Another one of Joe's must have stacks!

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