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Gallery Stack

Stack from inStacks Software

Version 3.2.9 released 2 weeks ago


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InStacks Software

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Gallery Stack

Stack from inStacks Software

Version 3.2.9 released 2 weeks ago


Gallery Stack 3 - The most versatile and kick-ass Photo Gallery for RapidWeaver

Gallery Stack 3 is redesigned from ground up. The innovative configuration UI makes use of all Stacks 3 features.

  • No need for RapidWeaver Photo Album
  • Enjoy full preview capabilities (in RW7)
  • Retina Ready
  • Responsive
  • Just Awesome :-)

Choose between different components:

  • 8 grids: Bootstrap, Flexbox, Foundation, Foundry, Instagram, Justified, Masonry, Single Image
  • 5 lightboxes: Chocolat (black + white), lightGallery, Magnifix Popup, Photopox, Swipebox
  • 5 sliders: bx, Camers, Flex, Royal, Slick

Use various image sources:

  • Drag and drop images (including thumbnail creation in original aspect or square)
  • Warehouse images (via Remote Image Stack Integration)
  • CMS Integrations for Pulse CMS, Armadillo Blog, Total CMS Galleries, Total CMS Blog Galleries, Easy CMS Images
  • Web Directory / FTP Folder Support via Photostream Stack Integration. Gallery Stack 3 now includes a free copy of Photostream Stack.


More info:

What’s new in Version 3.2.9?

Community Reviews

So happy to have found Gallery 3 !

Written by figory 3 months ago

Amazing Stack.

I have added it combined with the Sentry Stack as a super simple way for a client to add images to their site.

gallery 3: simply the best!

Written by tnittner 6 months ago

having come to rapid weaver with version 3 i accumulated quite a few image rendering stacks (of course!). the gallery 3 stack has only one flaw: why didn't you guys come out with it earlier? absolutely love it and use it all the time. tomas nittner

The Perfect Image Gallery Stack

Written by GaryW17 7 months ago

From the moment I started using RapidWeaver last year I have been on the search for the perfect tool to build and display image galleries on my website. Found it: Gallery Stack 3. I had tried quite a few image gallery stacks before that with varying degrees of success/appeal/frustration. Am not thinking about that anymore - Gallery Stack 3 should have been the one with which I started.

I have recently re-designed my website with Foundry and wanted to revamp my image galleries as part of that re-design. Gallery Stack 3 has given me the look and feel I wanted. This stack integrates well with Foundry and even includes a grid setting specifically for Foundry. I am using Gallery Stack 3 together with inStacks Software's Remote Image Stack to use warehoused images and provide access to both standard & HiDPI versions of the images I've uploaded.

For me...this is the perfect image gallery stack.

Best Gallery Stack for Rapidweaver

Written by 8 months ago

Gallery Stack offers a lot of different display possibilities and can integrate images from different sources like FTP, Easy/Total CMS, Pulse CMS or directly inside Rapidweaver very easily.

Versatile stack, a must have for photographers

Written by AlainVH 9 months ago

Jannis is a great developer, very responsive if you have a question (for a newbie as I am) and very open to feature requests (the option of a white background in the chocolat lightbox). Gallery is very intuitive to use, the setup is easy and the integration of Photostream is a time saver. I highly recommend this stack.

Excellent, comprehensive and versatile gallery and slider stack

Written by pixelarte 9 months ago

This is in my opinion the best gallery stack for RW, but not only that it also doubles up as a very good slider stack. The icing on the cake is the integration with different CMS systems such a Pulse CMS and Total CMS.

A true photographers gallery

Written by webdeer 9 months ago

With plenty of gallery and lightbox options, this stack can create a distinctive and professional gallery. The integration with the excellent and easy to use PulseCMS makes this a killer combination.

Now that it can load up a Photostream or a web folder, it provides an additional way to load your own photos from an remote location.

This must be the ultimate gallery stack.

Get it. Get it. Get it.

Written by olij 9 months ago

If you need the simplest, quickest and comprehensive image stack then this is it... AND if its not quite what you need Jannis will help you to achieve it....if everything worked like this we would all be a lot more happy! Its great. GET IT.

An easy to use fully featured stack that even idiots like me can use!

Written by GabrielleVickery 10 months ago

I'm seriously delighted with this stack, it's full of features which cover everything I could want in a gallery stack!

I've only just started using it but already it's better than I could have dreamed of, can't wait to explore it further, thanks Jannis!

The gallery stack many of us have been waiting for

Written by 10 months ago

I absolutely love the Gallery 3 stack due to its super-easy choice between different grids, lightboxes and sliders and the flexibility regarding the image sources (drag and drop, warehouse, Total/Easy CMS). Additionally Jannis really is a very responsive developer – always helpful and listening to customer wishes – and the plans for future development and enhancements of this stack sound very interesting. All this makes Gallery 3 really stand out and I can only recommend it.

Beautiful looking galleries for any site

Written by NickWB 10 months ago

Gallery 3 is it the image gallery stack that RW has needed for so long...

Fast to use and incredibly flexible; it offers 4 sliders, 5 lightboxes and 7 grids and the facility to drag'ndrop individual images, CMS or full image warehouse setups. Very importantly and unlike some other options, it works with all the major themes.

Gallery 3 creates beautiful looking galleries and the setup is very straightforward - I created 4 new galleries in just over an hour:

In case of any query, Jannis is incredibly responsive - I had an answer on a minor point within 10 minutes.

Highly recommended!

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