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Elixir is a Premium RapidWeaver Addons Developer with 41 addons.

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Stack from Elixir

Version released 1 month ago


Finally, simplicity and power combined.

An easy to use, yet powerful, free-form framework for RapidWeaver that helps you build beautiful, responsive sites with drag-and-drop ease.

Built to allow both the novice and professional to create sites from the ground up with an easy-to-use, modular, mobile-first approach.

Foundry consists of 50 different stacks, many of which also include their own child stacks, that are used in conjunction with the Foundry theme to create custom built sites in whatever layout you see fit.

A Few Highlights

  • Infinite Possibilities. Use the large collection of responsive stacks to build your pages, scrutinizing each detail. The sky's the limit!
  • Drag-And-Drop. Foundry makes it easy to get the look and feel you want with drag-and-drop simplicity.
  • No Code Necessary. Create modular, mobile first pages without needing to write a line of code.
  • Integrated. Foundry's stacks all just work together, for a seamless experience.
  • Iron Clad. Built around Bootstrap, the web’s most popular responsive framework.

There is so much more to learn about Foundry, so be sure to head on over to the Foundry site and check it all out, because we've not even scratched the surface here. We've got documentation pages, tutorial videos, pre-built project files and more.

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Community Reviews

Powerful, Straight Forward & Amazing Support!

Written by SanityBox 2 months ago

1Password tells me I"ve been using RapidWeaver since version 4. I've had a habit of collecting themes for "future projects" and I think Foundry may have finally cured me of that habit.

I've generally found professionally created themes, while beautiful, always require some tinkering because they'll be missing a feature a client has requested, or wants something added to the layout in some place that requires me to dive deep into the themes code. I've probably abused the support of theme developers as I've done things their themes were never intended to do.

That's no longer an issue as I launch into my first project with Foundry. The biggest limitation on Foundry is my imagination, which I'm finding, kinda sucks. Beautiful layouts are easily made (regardless of where you steal your inspiration), and colour palettes are more flexible yet just as easily modified as RW's own provided themes.

Foundry really takes the Stacks plugin and makes RapidWeaver and incredibly web design suite. If you want to design great looking, fast launching responsive websites, I highly recommend Foundry.

Oh yeah, and support is fantastic... I cannot say enough about how easy they are to access.

Nice set of stacks

Written by stacks 2 months ago

I've used this stack set for a week and it is really helpful for me to build my own website. Everything goes fine and awesome. The only complaint I have is "Navigation Stack" in Foundry. Only Few custom settings are allowed, not so powerful as you expect. I still do not understand why there is no perfect navigation stack for rapidweaver. Except this one, I am really satisfied with Foundry.

Developer Reply

Written by Adam Shiver from Elixir, the owner of Foundry, 2 months ago

The Navigation Bar offers a lot of features, but if you ever have specific feature requests for Foundry's stacks feel free to email me with them. I'd be glad to look at them. Don't forget there are several other navigation stacks in Foundry as well. If one doesn't provide a feature you're looking for, perhaps on of the others will.

RapidWeaver + Foundry = Success

Written by nmegginton 3 months ago

When I first started using RW, I was amazed at the ease of creating any kind of website with themes, stacks and plugins. Foundry has put RW into another dimension where the only limit to creating fantastic feature and function filled websites is your imagination. It's also incredibly good value for money. Adding all of the stacks that come built into Foundry would normally cost at least twice as much.

In addition, Adam and Elixir provide fast and friendly support. Plus there are lots of free video tutorials and extensive documentation.


Written by ChrisStayte 6 months ago

I bought this because I have bought everything else from this developer and have enjoyed there tools. This blows everything else out of the water.

It just keeps getting better and better

Written by Mark Spaulding 6 months ago

Yesterday Apple released an app I created to the store in less than 24hours (amazing!) and, of course, I need to create a page for it.

Foundry is so powerful and easy to use, it just amazes me. I formerly had to really scratch my head to get a page to look exactly how I imagined it to be with the fifty or so themes I have installed.

Now I have a blank sheet and can create exactly what I have in mind with ease! Amazing!

Highly recommended. Blessings, —Mark


Written by THX1965 6 months ago

If you're looking for the right stacks/theme to build a very modern and sleek website, "Foundry" is an amazingly easy to use but at the same time very powerful tool. The price is incredible too for the amount of stacks it comes with.

I was getting a bit frustrated with "Foundation", because I really didn't want to build everything from scratch. I was also getting frustrated with certain sleek-looking 3rd party themes that always a thing or two I wanted to change but couldn't.

"Foundry" came along at the right time. It has a tiny bit of a learning curve, but overall it is much easier to use than "Foundation" and it had all the ingredients of those 3rd party themes that I liked and more. Only now I have way more control over what I want to do. The community around "Foundry" is incredibly helpful, and Adam, Foundry's developer, is extremely responsive.

Highly, highly recommended.

Fantastic Free-form Framework

Written by GaryW17 7 months ago

I started using RW last year and more recently I was looking to develop my website with a free-form frame work. That timing coincided with the initial release of Foundry and I was immediately intrigued. I found the online documentation & videos to be extremely useful and made the decision to purchase Foundry. Am so pleased I did.

I have now re-designed my site with Foundry and happy with both the design process and the results. Foundry has given me the control & flexibility I wanted in a straightforward and easy way. The suite of stacks included with Foundry are all great quality and I found that it was a pretty easy learning curve switching from a limited theme to the free-form Foundry. The customization & control for mobile/tablet/desktop settings is a feature in Foundry that I particularly appreciate, but there are so many great features.

Foundry is a great website design tool for RapidWeaver. Five Stars, no doubt.

Elegant and powerful

Written by Mark Spaulding 8 months ago

I have been using RW since version 3 and I have to say that Foundry is the most elegant, powerful, and EASY to use design theme/system I have seen to date.

I REALLY appreciate the over all design and the fact there are not SO many options it can become bewildering. Every time I explore a new stack, I am stunned and thrilled by, "wow, I did't know it would do that!" Well done!

If you are on the fence, I suggest you give it a try. An extraordinary design tool.

Blessings, —Mark

Great Web Design Framework

Written by Boray Designs 8 months ago

Foundry is an excellent product that provides many multiple options for web site design. With Adam of Elixir at the helm I believe this will grow and improve over the next years in response to customers wishes. Every product I have purchased from Elixir has been excellent, with Foundry taking their portfolio to a new level.

Foundry is amazingly easy!

Written by David W. 9 months ago

As soon as I read the notification of Foundry's release I purchased it without hesitation. Now, I've been using RW for about four years; However I'm no expert by any means. When I installed Foundry and started to use it, WOW the possibilities are endless in my mind. Foundry is super easy to use, which is one reason I'm posting this review. I'm not a coder so the ease of literally dragging and dropping the features and functions you want in your AMAZING. I highly recommend Foundry. Their customer support is the best! Five ***** Rating for this one.

Elegant Framework solution

Written by Mark Spaulding 9 months ago

There are SO many possibilities captured in this powerful and elegant design system. Foundry makes creating the vision in your head to code in the inter webs fast and easy. It is a great tool to have in your creative RW toolbox. Highly recommended.

Foundry is Awesome!

Written by Steven J. 9 months ago

I have been beta testing this for several months and it is awesome! It creates lightweight web sites based on bootstrap! My personal site is built using Foundry! It is a very feature rich set of stacks and almost any type of web site that you can imagine can be built using Foundry. Highly recommend it!

Powerful Framework

Written by aaron 9 months ago

Most frameworks-based options don't require coding knowledge, but they require customization / design adjustment to look like a truly unique site. Foundry has design and ease of use incorporated so you don't have to code or do much of the foundational design work - just have content and assemble it! I've enjoyed working with Foundry!

The next generation RapidWeaver framework you have waited for

Written by inStacks Software 9 months ago

I am pleased having the possibility to use Foundry in a recent project I was working on. This is the best Framework so far I have seen for the RapidWeaver community. Straight forward layouting with Stacks 3 components, based on the new Bootstrap 4 Framework. Easy to set up, and powerful enough to be the only RapidWeaver Theme you will need ever. I am glad Adam published this Theme and Stacks set, and I am happy to work with that in future. Well done!

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