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Bricks 2

Stack from Elixir

Version 2.0.1 released 1 year ago


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Elixir is a Premium RapidWeaver Addons Developer with 41 addons.

Bricks 2 icon

Bricks 2

Stack from Elixir

Version 2.0.1 released 1 year ago


Flexible and fun

Bricks 2 is fully responsive, adjusting its layout and column widths based on your visitor's device and / or browser size.

Lot of content

Add any number of items to your Bricks layout by simply clicking the add item button. You're no longer limited to 30 items in Bricks and all of the items can be re-arranged.


Bricks allows you to set animations for when your items appear in the browser window as your visitors scroll down you page, giving it a unique, fun look.


Adjust the spacing between all of the items in your layout to create a unique look. You can even set the gutter down to 0 to have your items touch.

And more

Check out the Bricks 2 product page to learn more about how Bricks works and what other options are available in this fun and flexible stack.

What’s new in Version 2.0.1?

Community Reviews

A very versatile masonry stack

Written by peterdanckwerts 1 year ago

As well as a way of fitting photographs of different proportions together, Bricks3 is very good at arranging text. In a responsive theme, 3 columns can collapse to 2 and one. Text blocks can be re-arranged by dragging. A very useful stack.

Limited to 3 columns. Really disappointed.

Written by TangoArtist 1 year ago

I really can't believe that the number of columns is fixed. And if it's not, it certainly isn't obvious how to change it. Never would have bought it had I know of this limitation.

Lawrence Standifer Stevens Studio.LSS

Developer Reply

Written by Adam Shiver from Elixir, the owner of Bricks 2, 1 year ago

Hi there Lawrence!

Bricks is more of a Masonry stack than a columns based stack. Masonry stacks fill in the space they're given to work with, while column stacks you choose a specific setup (like 2, 3, or 4 columns). Bricks takes the are it is placed within and then looks at the 'target width' you've provided and tries to fit as many items as it can horizontally into the space it has been allotted. This can change from design to design, as well as when the user changes the browser width or looks at your site on a mobile device. Masonry stacks like Bricks are very nebulous and as such don't have options for choosing a specific number of columns.

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