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Stack from Yuzoolthemes

Version 2.4.1 released 9 months ago


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Yuzoolthemes is a RapidWeaver Addons Developer with 69 addons.

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Stack from Yuzoolthemes

Version 2.4.1 released 9 months ago


Responsive, touch-friendly lightbox gallery Stack for RapidWeaver.

Box is a swipe-able, lightweight and fully responsive lightbox stack for RapidWeaver. Minimalistic in design and non distracting in approach, Box is a quick, easy and fancy free lightbox stack.

Responsive and touch-friendly

Box images fit and scale to any screen size and are touch-friendly swipe-able on any touch capable device. iOS, Android and Windows Phone compatible. On desktop, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera and even Internet Explorer. Phew.

Minimalistic by design

No unnecessary indicators, no navigation images that look blocky on Retina and a file size less than a few kb. Minimal and optimised. CSS was used for the animations and buttons and only things that add to the usability of the lightbox are included, not distracting from it. We’re all tired of magnifying glasses over images and rigid pop-ups.

Easy to setup within RapidWeaver

Drag in the base stack. Add as many images as you want using the Box Items Stack and even re-order them if you change your mind. Use RapidWeaver to drop in images or connect to online warehouse images for remote editing. Everything is 100% width so just preset your intended size and boom. Publish. With unlimited image space, you’ll have plenty of room to play with.

Make responsive column grid layouts

To make life even easier you can now build your lightbox image grid using the FREE included responsive columns layout Stack. This is NEW in version 2.1.0+ and allows you to create up to 8 responsive mobile-first columns on your page and make some crazy-cool layouts to organise your thumbnails in RapidWeaver.

What’s new in Version 2.4.1?

Community Reviews

Amazing Stack !

Written by Stephane sfx 1 year ago

and amazing support ! yuzoolthemes rocks !

Developer Reply

Written by Michael Frankland from Yuzoolthemes, the owner of Box, 1 year ago

Thanks so much @Stephane sfx!

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