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Version 1.2.1 released 11 months ago


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InStacks Software

InStacks Software is a RapidWeaver Addons Developer with 12 addons.

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Blog Stack

Stack from inStacks Software

Version 1.2.1 released 11 months ago


Blog Stack - Integrate your blog seamlessly into RapidWeaver

  • The blog posts will appear nicely in the selected themes blog styling.
  • Different options for link setting, publishing time visibility, loading indicator, etc.
  • Import blog, tag, posts, and pages


  • A account
  • Works only with Classic or Manta Theme
  • PHP
  • Stacks Plugin 3.1

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Community Reviews

So Simple, So Easy - It Just Works

Written by ScottW 1 year ago

The headline says it all, it just works. set it up in minuets and your off and running. One powerful feature is the ability to filter what shows up in the blog stack by post TAGS. This allows you to actually have separate "feeds" to different pages on your website from one blog. If you need a news feed style system that allows you to easily filter posts to different areas on your web site, here is the answer. Couldn't be happier! integration that WORKS!

Written by Turtle 1 year ago

Outstanding stack to import your blog into your website, allowing you to keep your website current for blog posts. This stack can be used with the Classic Theme or any of inStacks built 3rd party Themes. Wonderful and easy to use. Just remember to change your RapidWeaver page extension to php and you're golden once you link the url to your blog.

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