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Bigfoot Responsive

Stack from Rapidweaver Central

Version 3.0.7 released 1 year ago


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Bigfoot Responsive Details

Rapidweaver Central

Rapidweaver Central is a Premium RapidWeaver Addons Developer with 47 addons.

Bigfoot Responsive icon

Bigfoot Responsive

Stack from Rapidweaver Central

Version 3.0.7 released 1 year ago


Big Footers Bigfoot Responsive is the best way to really make the most of your footers in RapidWeaver projects. While many websites ignore their footers' potential or treat them like something unpleasant stuck to the bottom of their shoes, we at RapidWeaver Central see them as vital elements of a website's structure and design, with a powerful role to play, not least in SEO internal linking terms.

Big Responsive Footers In Bigfoot Responsive we've not only made the original 9 Bigfoot Legend templates fully responsive, we've also added another 9 brand new responsive templates to the mix.

New Link Lists, Entypo Icons & Hover Effects We've also rebuilt the link and lister stacks and have now combined them in one highly resourceful LinkListThing stack which now offers a choice of five link hover effects as well as the whole Entypo font icon library.

Responsive Layout Suite And as well as incorporating a whole responsive layout suite with 7 responsive column stacks, we've also included some ornamental (as well as experimental) new extras.

22 Stacks and 18 Templates All for less than the price of a single theme!

A Final Word on Big Footers Footers are present on every page, which means they are the ideal place for sign-up forms, business and contact info, social network icons, sitemap navigation links and links to valuable resources, legal and privacy pages. Combined with a good content strategy big footers have the capability to become a nexus for directing and redirecting the flow of visitors through your site, reinforcing a company's image while increasing visitors' stay and activity on the site.

So in purely SEO terms the question is, can you afford NOT to have a big footer?

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Community Reviews

Dynamic. Killer.

Written by Chet Collins 1 year ago

This stack is ABSOLUTELY killer. Loads of features and even stacks that have applications outside of the footer. Bigfoot makes your RW project footer everything you wish it could be.

Excellent product and the best support!

Written by Eddie 1 year ago

I am a small business owner that started using Rapidweaver to create our websites. I was always frustrated with creating footers and constantly having to update them manually. This is where Marten and the BIgFoot Stack comes in. I purchased the BigFoot Stack and I can't tell how much time and effort it has saved me. The stack works extremely well and helps keep my website footer updated with all the latest information. But, what I didn't know when I purchased the stack was how helpful and supportive Marten is with his clients. I have purchased numerous Rapidweaver stacks and themes throughout the years and Marten (Rapidweaver Central) is TOPS! Please don't hesitate to purchase from this great developer. I am a customer for life!

This is a must have stack for RapidWeaver!

Written by nate717 1 year ago

This is just what I was looking for - it's almost like a whole site builder just for your footer, I had never realized how much a great footer can add to a site. Bigfoot has proven to be easy to use as a newcomer, and I received immediate helpful support when I had a question - highly recommended!

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